Our expertise

The Labelling ADVisors can assist you in the labelling of your products.
We have experience with the labelling of food, feed, pet food, fertilizers, cosmetics, household products, hazardous substances and textile products.
We can support you with:
Advice, training sorting out label information, calculation of nutritional values, label checks, specification management, submission of notification files, marketability reports, translations...


The Labelling ADVisors will assist you with practical tips and advice so your products can be provided with correct information in accordance with all relevant national or international labelling rules.


Have your product information such as labels, specifications and manuals checked by The Labelling ADVisors.

An additional review of your product information is not a luxury and can prevent a recall or product blocking. The Labelling ADVisors check your product information and prepare a report with any non-conformities and / or recommendations for improvement.

What is checked by The Labelling ADVisors:
- The correct application of labelling rules
- Orthography in different languages
- Legally prescribed composition and denomination of the product
- Advertising and marketing claims
- Nutrition and health claims
- The use of images and logos

Export support

Exports of products involves a lot of work. Export documents, additional quality requirements, different labelling rules in the country of export, different permitted or prohibited raw materials... The Labelling ADVisors guide you through the export process. They also make use of an international network of experts.

Import support

As an importer of products, you have to check if the products you want to import comply with European and national legislation. Our specialists verify the composition of the product in relation to legislation and make a label design for the target market.

Specification management

Specifications are the identity cards of products. They are a communication tool to your (potential) customers. The success or failure of a sales process can be linked to the information in the specification of your products. Reasons enough to make them correct and clear.
Managing specifications takes a lot of time, The Labelling ADVisors could carry this job for you:
- Creating product specifications
- Input product information in management systems of retailers such as GS1 Trustbox and CDB, SpecPro, TraceOne, Food Score, PIM, K-Retail, PS in foodservice... Portals that our specialists use on a daily basis.


Need for translation of your product information? The Labelling ADVisors can count on an international network of specialists; native speakers who are familiar with the labelling rules in their country and who apply the correction terminology from legislation. In this way you can be sure of a correct translation.

Formatting notification files

Your product needs to be notified? The Labelling ADVisors can prepare this file for you and submit it to the Belgian government.

Marketability report

When marketing your product, a retailer can request a marketability report.
We can prepare a marketability report for your product.
A marketability report includes:
- Analyses, performed by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.
- Label check performed byThe Labelling ADVisors
The analysis results and the label check are reported in one report with accompanying advice and comments. The report can also be written in German or English.