The Labelling ADVisors are
the experts in labelling ...

They are carefully selected and intensively trained. They have an eye for detail, strive for perfection and are bitten by legislation and legal standards.

The Labelling ADVisors

The Labelling ADVisors arose about five years ago from a specialisation within AMNorman. Initially the service was called ‘Voedingsetiket’ and focused solely on food labelling. Soon after, we received questions about other products sush as pet food, cosmetics and hazardous substances, so we expanded our knowledge. Products are not only sold in Europe; specialists were sought abroad and resulted in a worldwide network of experts. The name “Voedingsetiket” wasn’t any longer applicable for the services offered and The Labelling ADVisors were created.

A passionate team that closely follows the legislation on labelling and cooperates with labelling specialists worldwide to guarantee correct label information to our customers.