Together on track for correct labelling

  • The Labelling ADVisors are the labelling specialists of AMNorman.
  • We strive to advise you with a sober vision in the complex regulations regarding the labelling of your products.
  • We support you in all aspects of labelling and specification management. This assistance can take various forms such as advice, training, sorting out label information, calculation of nutritional values, label checks, specification management, submission of notification files, translations ...
  • We work on a project or hourly basis. This can involve the complete specification management or the verification of product information. We work on site at your location or from a distance at our office in Sint-Denijs-Westrem.
  • We have experience with labelling of food, feed, pet food, cosmetics, household products, hazardous products, fertilizers and textile.
  • We are Qfor certified and a recognized training provider and advisor by Alimento.
  • We offer 4 referenced FCA consultants. FCA is the Belgian Feed Chain Alliance an engagement by Ovocom.

  • Legislation can be a frustrating minefield. Our goal is to break with the complicated legal jargon and to keep our advice simple and clear and to strive for correct product information. We help you get started.